Friday, December 15, 2006

In absentia

I'll be in Cedar Rapids for the weekend, and (ominous dun-dun-dun here) I'm not taking the computer. No email access for me...I will be out of touch...with the world!

We have our Holiday Pops concerts Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, with a dress rehearsal tonight. I have some sitting around to do. Not as much as last year, with a record four pieces out of twenty-five for me to play. Ah, the life of an English horn player. This time, I'm actually playing in about twelve pieces. I'm looking forward to the little Suzuki kids from the Cedar Rapids Symphony School. Last year was the first time I'd ever seen a Suzuki performance (believe it or not!), and I was amazed!

I'll be pretty busy between services too, so I won't have time for the computer anyway! (Who am I kidding? There's always time for email and blogging!) There's a party after tonight's rehearsal, a dinner between shows tomorrow, and the woodwinds are going out for Indian food between the shows on Sunday. Some of us will probably go out after Saturday night's concert too. There's a Mexican restaurant we like to haunt. Great salsa! My brother-sister students gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble for Christmas...I'm so excited!! Did I ever mention that I love books?? I'll probably wander around the store tomorrow morning.

Even though I'll be away from Dave and there's some pretty repetitive poppy music coming up this weekend, I'm really looking forward to all the events!

Have a great weekend!

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