Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey, ham, rinse, repeat

We were guests at Yovanka and Tom's house for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. My mom was of course invited as well, and she had a blast. Everyone was very comfortable with each other. We met some new people, had a wonderful meal and share some laughs. Everyone seemed to have a different connection to each other, which was nice as it meant we all had the opportunity to reminisce and nobody was left out.

This morning my mom and I got up early, dragged Tracy out of bed (ok, she was actually ready for us), and went shopping. It was not nearly as bad as last year, but the lines were very long. I traded in our kitchen dishes (moved from Calgary to Colorado--(2 apartments)--to Oregon (+2 apartments)--to Indianola (+2 houses=many chips)) for new ones...oooohhhhh, ahhhhh...maybe a picture will be posted soon. That was the big purchase. My mom kept us on our feet until about 4:30pm...Karm, she gives us a run for our money.

We were more than happy to stay in this evening. The feet were sore, the backs ached, and the wallets were empty. Did you hear about that credit card company that froze for a while today? Its system was overwhelmed. That was my mom's card. ;)

She leaves tomorrow (the time really flew this time!), then it's back to a normal routine for me. I've neglected the oboe this week. I'm so excited to be teaching again (oboe rather than just piano)--a methods class at Simpson College and a weekly sectional at a high school in West Des Moines. I've missed it so much. It's been really difficult to recruit private students (I guess I could say impossible, as I have no oboe students right now...anyone interested?). Anyway, I need to practice, as the holiday pops concerts are right around the corner...

Have a good night!

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