Friday, November 24, 2006

The cat's out...

I'm a bridesmaid! I've never been one before (except unofficially at Katrina's wedding), but I have one rule:

I will not be referred to as a "Bride's Matron"'s not my fault I never had the opportunity before I got married!

Congratulations to Karmen and Richard on setting their wedding date. I'm honoured to stand up for you. Their wedding will be in Calgary (I'm least the reception is there...we'd better not be flying in after the ceremony) on September 29, 2007. I'm absolutely thrilled! What a wonderful couple! Love you, Karm!

1 comment:

Karmen said...

awww *blush*

Thanks Jilly!

I promise, no tropical getaway beforehand!

And, if people were too lazy to read the comments and then click back and link to Shauna's blog, then there was no ruining of announcements! It's okay :)

Hmm, I guess I'd better post it on my blog then too eh?