Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bjorn Again!

Mama Mia! I had a great time last night! Dave and I went to "Bjorn Again"--the ABBA Experience--in Pella. It was hilarious to see our friends Jeremy Coates (bass) and Chad Holtzman ("Bjorn" in Bjorn Again, lead male singer and guitar--he's on the right in the picture above) from Calgary, both in their polyester pajama outfits, but the show was actually great!!!! I grew up listening to ABBA on car trips, and I knew the words to every song except maybe two. Check out their website. There are a few different groups, one that tours US and Canada (including our friends from Calgary), one that tours Europe (apparently it's huge there but hasn't quite taken off here yet), and one that tours Australia and Asia-Pacific. I had a blast, and I think Dave had fun too. Jeremy got us comps for us and our friends Dwight and Anita. I can't get enough ABBA, and I'm currently listening to their Gold: Greatest Hits album. (I guess we'll see how long this lasts!)

We've had quite the influx of Calgary friends this week. Kristian Alexandrov, Andy Erikson and Ben Harries were here to give a concert on Thursday (and we had to work hard to keep up with them at the party afterward), then the guys last night. We met up with Jeremy for dinner in Pella (about 35 minutes away from Indianola) before the show.

Thursday night's show was awesome. It's interesting for me to give the low-down of a non-classical concert, and here I am talking about two! Kristian and the guys were a hit at Simpson. I don't think these college kids (or even the faculty) knew what to expect. They may be friends, but they are all world-class musicians. Kristian wrote most of the tunes; some Afro-Cuban, mostly funk. Dave played a few tunes with them at the end, and he was really in his element. He used to gig with them all the time in Calgary, and he's really missed it. He was really looking forward to them coming down, and it was as if they'd never been apart. I loved it!

Concert #3 of the weekend tomorrow--Jim Romain's faculty recital (saxophone) at Drake University in Des Moines. Dave's playing with him on the Bach Double Violin Concerto--great arrangement by Dave. Before that, I'm going to a(nother) jewelry party. (Geesh! I don't need any more jewelry!!)

OK, the ABBA is getting to me now. I have to shut it off! Maybe it's just too late for such high energy music. Bets on when I'll turn it on again? :)

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