Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy birthday to two of my favourite people!

One of the greatest sources of pride for my hubby Dave is that he was born on his mum's birthday. Happy birthday, Dave and Margaret!

Dave got a new iron for his birthday this morning (I know--I pulled out all the stops!) and some solar lights for the backyard. (We said house presents only this year!) He did, however, get a surprise in the mail yesterday, which I hid until today. His new Bill O'Reilly jacket from James looks great! (Note: this was not from me...I wouldn't dress him in that...but it is a nice jacket despite the American flag and "No Spin" quote on the chest...and that's no offense to my American friends. I just didn't think we'd wear American flags...yikes!)

Our musician friends Kristian, Andy and Ben are in town from Calgary, and they're giving a concert tonight at Simpson College. We'll do a little birthday thing for Dave at the reception afterwards.

Margaret's plans are more exciting; she and Paul are in Sedona, Arizona this week, having a fabulous time. They're even taking an airplane ride into/through the Grand Canyon!! I'm so jealous!

I didn't have any embarassing photos of Dave and Margaret, so here's a lovely one from April, 2005! Margaret's old hairstyle and all! ;) I actually love this picture of the two of them.

And just because we took it, here's a photo of Dave this morning in his "No Spin" jacket.

Happy birthday, you two! I love you both!

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