Friday, August 25, 2006

Slowly but surely

After many weeks of nothing, I've updated my website. It is not even close to finished, but I now have a web version of my two-page resume for you to see. (PDF and Word versions available, thank you very much!)

Aside: How many times do orchestras ask for one-page resumes vs. two-page resumes or even full curricula vitae? Really, it's not as though it's that big a deal to have all three at the ready, but it's just three more things to remember to do whenever one thing changes. cane. Has anyone tried K.Ge cane? It's Chinese cane (or a Chinese owner?) from Australia. Peter Cooper told me it would change my life, that I'd instantly make perfect reeds and that I'd never turn back. Actually, he said he really liked the cane and that I likely wouldn't be sorry I tried it. I only have blanks so far, but I'll keep you posted on the results. I also have some Spanish Medir cane that looks slightly less promising. I'm all for the experimentation.

All my friends are at a presential BBQ tonight. The president of Simpson College, that is. Dave has a gig, so I felt a little weird about going alone. I am, after all, just "the spouse" in this situation. (Dave Camwell & spouse) Tracy just called though, and we may go see "Little Miss Sunshine," which I think looks good. Maybe I'll see one good movie this summer.

Oh yeah...I turned down the World Music Class job. It would run all year, it's for 3-6 year olds (16 with no parents present), and it would involve introducing them to different instruments and music from around the world. It really sounds like fun, but I had to be completely honest with the woman and say I had no experience with world music. I've also never taught a classroom of kids before. No music ed. training for me. And while I'm confident in my collegiate teaching abilities, 16 3-6 year-olds is a little scary. I'm also going to be gone for a few weeks during the year. I laid this all out for her, told her she might be better off finding someone with more experience, and it still sounded like she'd be interested in hiring me. So, I just had to say I didn't think it would be a good fit. I have little pangs of regret, thinking it would be fun and a good opportunity, but I know I made the right decision. That would stress me out more than it would be fun...especially since I'm still trying to finish the whole DMA this year. Oh well, more and different opportunities will present themselves.

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