Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Late father pays big bucks

Same kid, same late dad, same punishment (weeding!...deemed as "fun"!)...

This time however, said-dad is ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE!!!! He called about 10 minutes into my next student's lesson to say he'd be there in fifteen minutes. Wrong. I am not a babysitter. We weeded. We sat down at the piano and played more of his book, then some duets. But an 8 year old can only handle so much. I was struggling. And I shouldn't have to come up with activities when I'm only being paid for a half hour lesson. Therefore, I think I was justified in asking the dad to pay me for my time, which he gladly did. So I was paid for 1.5 hours, and they may not come back because "this time doesn't work for us anymore." WAAAAAAAA....

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Pattyoboe said...

I had a student who sometimes arrived 15 minutes early and then her mother would show up 30 minutes late. I told her, the first time, that this wasn't really okay. I finally had to be very clear about it, since "this isn't okay" didn't get through. She got quite angry and said she'd never had a teacher be annoyed with her for this, and that she had things to do that didn't allow her to show up on time both before and after the lesson. They quit. I was fine with it. I simply refuse to babysit.

I still have some parents who show up late to pick up a student, although not often. (They know that if they arrive late it just means they get less time for their money, although I had one parent ask if I had a student following and when I said, "No," he said, "Good. Then you can give us the full 30 minutes!" Sigh.) If I don't have a student following that late arriving parent I ask the student to call (all my kiddos parents have cell phones) and I explain that they may have to wait outside if I have places to go. (Of course with an 8 year old one can't exactly send him out in the cold cruel world, eh?)

What a pain for you to have to deal with ... but I sure do understand!

(Btw, I had one parent park his car, blocking my neighbor's driveway and LEAVE THE CAR while he went for a walk. What is it with these folks?!)