Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aren't we the socialites?

I'm cleaning the house again (no wonder people have O.C.D.)...not that I don't clean regularly, but it seems like I just did a major scrub-down (4 hours in one day) earlier this week. Hmmm. Reason being: this is entertaining weekend. Tonight it's our turn to host game night. I love game night, and I'm thrilled that we met other people in Indianola (last year's first-year Simpson faculty and spouses) that wanted to do something regular. The best part is that I can be crazy game woman one night a month, and my friends still like me! I get a little...competitive. I bought a new game for tonight: Taboo. We seem to play that every Christmas with Dave's family and friends. I love it!

Tomorrow our friend Laura is coming to visit from Minneapolis. This is a momentous occasion. She is our first non-parent house guest in our new home. She is also our first friend (again, non-family) to visit us since we've lived in the U.S. Shame, shame, Calgary girlfriends! You missed out on Colorado and Oregon; don't miss out on the great state of Iowa! ;)

Tomorrow night we'll go to Indianola Bike Night, which involves over a thousand motorcycles (and their riders) congregating in our town square. We've only been once, and it was actually really fun! We felt very uncool. I thought this time it would be fun to busk with my oboe while bikers cheered me on. I'm sure they'd appreciate some Bach, Britten, Telemann and Tomasi, right? Hmm...maybe not. Actually, Dave's playing there (no Bach for this blues band), so I'll leave the oboe at home.

On Saturday we'll experience our first-ever State Fair. I'm not quite sure what to expect, but I hear there's a butter cow, meaning a lifesize cow sculpted out of butter, plenty of food on a stick. I think I'll stay clear of the deep-fried Snickers bar, and who on Earth would deep-fry a twinkie?

On Sunday we're having our housewarming BBQ, another reason to clean the house. We may have invited the whole city of Indianola and friends outside of town. If you can come, I'll email you our address. I'm aiming for "the best party of the summer." Expectations a little high?

While I'm at it, I thought I'd have a jewelry party (think Pampered Chef but glittery and non-functional) next weekend, then Ian, Dave's cousin from England will stay with us on his way back from Alaska. Hmm...exciting Alaskan vacation: whitewater rafting, hiking, glaciers...followed by Indianola Iowa. That's a big act to follow. Although at that point, he may be perfectly happy to sit and relax with a beer on our back deck. I know I would!

Oboe update:

Yesterday I recorded the oboe part to a friend's piece for a CD she's producing in L.A. Very exciting! That will probably go on my website. I, like Patty, am excited to get back to work this fall. My CRSO music should be arriving in the mail today. Our first concert set includes Pines of Rome and Shostakovich 10--yeah!!

Kitty war update:

Come on, people! I'll extend the voting until after this weekend. Yes, it's ok to laugh.

Our kitties are not on their site yet. By the way, they're thrilled to hear about all the people coming to their house.

OK! Back to house cleaning!

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