Monday, June 05, 2006

Eugene and test update

weather: gorgeous (not so great earlier today--cold and cloudy; this evening, around 65-70F)

test: hardest I've ever written in my life. I took 7 out of the 8 hours available. I just couldn't write any more after that. My brain hurt. Oh, and I'm not an expert on the "polyphonic Mass Ordinary before ca. 1600"...will have to spend some time in the library before my oral exam on Thursday. For my music friends: imagine every music history course you've ever taken (especially relevant if you've been in college for 10 years like me), and put everything you've learned onto one 8-hour test. Try remembering any of it. Mary, that was actually quite good advice (composers--see comment from two posts ago). I was really hoping I'd be able to talk about some of those 200 composers I wrote about in studying for this test. Sigh.

baby: cute as ever. This would be Ursula, Alison and Josh's baby, with whom I'm staying. She's now walking around, holding your hands or tables. She can say mamamamama and dadadadadada and bye! Almost potty-trained at 10 months old. Go, cloth diapers!

Thai food: mmmmm....Thai food. I know there are a few good Thai restaurants in Des Moines, but there are many many more in Eugene. Just went to a great one for dinner with Josh and Alison.

sale!: for my U.S. friends: Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale, and for the first 3 days (today was day 2), their shower gels (certain ones, and probably not the one I want) are only $3! That's down from $9! Guess where I'm going tomorrow morning before hitting the library?

Call me if you're in Eugene and want to see me! I'll be here until Friday.

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car: Mazda-3...very snazzy! That's their compact car and it's so sporty! I feel so peppy driving around town.