Thursday, May 25, 2006


I'm not copying a certain person who has music quotes of the day...but here's one for oboe:

"Essentially lyrical, composers choose its penetrating yet plaintive voice to phrase nostalgia, poignancy, or gaiety. But it reacts to the tiniest slight, emitting hideous howls and screeches as if it were a cat being stepped on."

Maybe that's what Andrew Lloyd Webber should have written into his show...


OK, back to work...yes, I'm truly studying, not working on the house...shocker!
...oh, but first I'll say this: American Idol truly lived up to its standard last night. 2 hours of filler. I felt like blogging as we went along, but it might have ruined the result for my West-coast friends. Creepiest part of the evening: Meatloaf singing with Katherine. *shudders* "Huh?" moment: Toni Braxton singing with Taylor. Did she just not know the words to that song? Funniest: Wolfgang Puck ordering Kelly to eat escargot (the second "segment" got tiresome). Spoiler alert...Chris having been knocked out of the running several weeks ago, I didn't care who won last night (Taylor).

OK, now I'm really getting back to work. Thanks for all your emails of motivation! 45-15!!

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Karmen said...

My thoughts exactly!!! Meatloaf and Catharine - yuck! And hello? Was Toni Braxton drunk? Talk about a has-been. So sad.

Okay, I'm really working. I just had a feeling that you had updated your blog, so I had to check!