Thursday, March 30, 2006


I'm so excited about our __________ ____________! It's very ____________ and will make our other _____________ look _______________. This day is bittersweet though. We are a little sad because we had to ___________ _____ ________ _______ ____________. ____________ was particularly sad. It will be an emotional _____________ to _______________ and __________ the _________ __________ at 1:30 today. We are also a little nervous about the ___________. We just off the phone with ___ _______, and the __________ has not gone through yet (it's coming from __________). ____________ will know what I'm talking about here. Hopefully that will get resolved soon so we don't have to worry about _________ a ___________ at the _______________ today.

In other news, we need to find a dentist. We've asked friends and colleagues in town who they recommend, and every person comes up with a different dentist. You'd think that in a relatively small town, we'd have the convenient element of limited choice. There seem to be at least six offices. I'm thinking of posting a personal ad in the paper:

MWF seeks DMD for a close and long-lasting relationship. Must be good with children, as this patient is essentially a big baby. Must run appointments on time and have a friendly office staff. Must not have bad breath. Sex, age, and marital status don't matter, as long as your needles are pain-free. Cinammon-flavoured fluoride is a plus. Are you the dentist for me?


Shauna said...

I know, I know!!!
I can't wait to see if I am, indeed, right!!!!

Karmen said...

I have a few ideas of my own!! The suspense is killing me!!!!