Thursday, March 16, 2006

A little entertainment never hurt

I've been watching tons of movies since Dave's been gone. It's not as if I'm not productive when he's not here (no "nots" cancelled each other out, haha... nevermind), but I've really been bored! He gets home on Saturday, so yay!

How I've entertained myself (or how Hollywood has entertained me):

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--pretty disappointing. Read the book--this movie has none of the same wit. They also changed the storyline completely.

Million Dollar Baby--fabulous movie. I always find boxing movies a little difficult to watch--I never like seeing people get hit in the face. My whole body just numbs for a minute. So, there were lots of numbed minutes while watching this. Anyway, it was difficult to watch for other reasons, but wow--great movie.

North Country--also very good. I watched this with Kedron and Rachel at their house. Kedron may have been afraid of me, as I practically yelled at the horrible men on screen. It's hard to watch women being treated like that--even more difficult than watching people get hit in the face.

13 Going on 30--I can't believe I hadn't watched this before. I'd steered clear because of its apparent pre-teen appeal and general chick flick potential (CFP--my term, by the way). LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Very cute, and yes, I would have loved it as a 13-year old. But I also love it as I draw closer to 30. CFP: high. DMP (Date movie potential): med-high. Dave would like it, if I forced him to watch it.

Failure to Launch--ok. Sarah Jessica Parker--same character as Carrie (S&C), with a little less neurosis. She'll have a hard time finding roles that are much different. Matthew McConaughey: eye candy. And there ain't nothing wrong with that. CFP: med-high. DMP: med-low. There were about 2 guys in the entire theater, and I'm telling you, they weren't together.

Just Like Heaven--I'd heard mixed reviews. I really wanted to see this, then I heard it was "way overrated". OH MY GOODNESS! I loved it! Every single second of it, I loved. I bawled my eyes out (both of them, mom...that's an inside joke), and what better sign is there that the movie is CFP-rated high?! Also, I won't spoil anything, but I loved the ending. Thank you, Hollywood!! DMP: High. Will be buying (or burning) this one soon. Have your hankies ready.

Just so it doesn't seem like all I do is watch movies, here's a reed update:

Don't get mad, get even. I walked up to my reeds yesterday, and I said, Reeds, I'm not leaving this desk until one of you is playing. And it worked! I practiced a little Dorati, then a little Strauss concerto, during which I (*drum roll* rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) circular-breathed for the first time. I'd managed the breathing on one note or one scale thing, but this was the first time I'd put it into practice in a piece. Talk about a satisfying practice session!

I'm going to look at 4 houses with a realtor today. Maybe I should surprise Dave and have us all moved in by Saturday! I may need to pay extra for that. And then, tonight's entertainment: Carousel. Yes indeed, I'm watching a 1950's musical. I've played the music at more Rodgers and Hammerstein pops concerts than anyone should have to sit through, but I've never seen this one.

This has been an abnormal amount of movies to have watched in a week. Hurry home, Dave, before I turn into a potato!

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