Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dead squirrel, dead squirrel, shake your bushy tail...

Well, that's not how the song went originally, but it's kind of catchy, no?

Had an early start today (a 9am chiro appt.--early for me!), and my sidewalk was nice and clear. Came home, still clear. Friend Keriann came to pick me up at 11:30--dead squirrel on my sidewalk. It was kind of near my car, which led me to believe that I'd hit it, but I think I would have noticed it lying there earlier. It wasn't squished or anything. Sort of lying there as though pausing to catch its breath before scurrying up another tree. His eyes were open, his bushy tail flapping in the wind. Poor little guy.

I didn't know quite what to do with it, as I've never had a squirrel die on my property before. Call the landlord? The city? I saw my neighbour Dwight pulling out of his driveway, so I ran over to ask his opinion. He said just throw it in the trash can. Gasp! I couldn't do it. The neighbour that has saved us before came to the rescue again. He said he'd do it for me when he got back from work. And by the way, it's in HIS trashcan, not mine. Good guy, that Dwight.

When I went to get my mail at 4pm, the squirrel was gone. Funny, I don't think Dwight was home from work yet. Maybe Mr. Squirrel had decided his nap was over. Maybe he decided that tree wasn't too high to scurry up after all.

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Karmen said...

Oh dear! Poor little squirrel :(