Monday, March 13, 2006

The garbage can is still there.

I'm surprised that with all the wind, my empty garbage can is still on its side, lid lying next to it, down on our curb, not tumbling down the street right now. I'd better go get it before it takes off. There were tornado warnings on tv last night, interrupting D.H. and G.A., and you can't omit weather alerts on DVR. An interrupted tv show is not bad though, considering this same storm killed over ten people throughout the midwest. One of the drawbacks of living in this area. I don't think we'll be moving into a mobile home any time soon.

We've had gorgeous weather this week. It reached 60F on Friday, and now it's threatening to hail. I grew up in Calgary, crazy weather headquarters. Colorado was the steadiest state, weather-wise. The flip-side of CO was the altitude and the never-ending stream of terrible reeds. Oregon was crazy too. I guess it just depends where you are. I constantly hear, "That's Iowa for you!", but I've heard that all my life in every city. A man with a tie-dyed tee shirt and a rubber chicken sells joke books outside a bookstore in Eugene. "Only in Eugene!" A thousand motorcyclists congregate in Indianola's townsquare. "That's Iowa for you!" A sudden rise of temperature (due to a chinook) makes everybody wear shorts in the middle of December. "Only in Calgary!" Living in a ciy, we do tend to take ownership of its climate and quirky people, don't we?

This prairie girl (of lately) is going to stay out of the wind, work with her exercise ball and dvd, read some articles for music history, have some breakfast, phone her husband, make some reeds, practice some oboe, and maybe watch some DVR. Oh, only in Iowa!

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