Friday, September 10, 2010

Back on the wagon

In the past week, I've practiced three, count 'em, three times. To me, this is a huge accomplishment. In college, I really wouldn't be bragging about three times...I may even have been reprimanded in my lesson!

Rehearsals for Orchestra Iowa start up again on Monday, and tonight, after three sessions back on English horn, I finally left not feeling like my face was going to fall off. Now, can I make it through the Planets? Two more days to get my chops up.

I've found a good solution to the location situation. I've been going to Dave's office at Simpson to practice after the boys are down. Of course, I can't do that on Tuesdays or Thursdays, since he teaches those nights, but I'm trying to get in an evening session here and there. If I can push past the "But I Don't Wanna!" barrier, I quite enjoy practicing in the evening. I feel more productive than during the day, when mental to-do lists tend to compete for my attention.

Next week, it's pretty much practice-before-rehearsal time. Monday and Wednesday, evening rehearsals, plus 2-2.5 hour drive times...I don't get back until 12:30am, all day with the boys, evenings Tues/Thurs at home too...then rehearsal Friday night, dress rehearsal Saturday morning, concert (outdoors--never a favorite) Saturday evening. Dave and the boys are coming with me for the weekend, so this will be Bryton's first time in a pack & play. Hopefully he'll still sleep as well as he does at home!

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