Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day 3: Ahhhh

Playing on a well-adjusted oboe is so satisfying! I'm sure it's not perfect, but wow, what a difference. And it only took me 2 hours over 3 days!!! Working in 20 minute increments around sleeping children, my husband's work schedule, etc... I'm realizing that practicing is going to be so much harder with two young children to look after. Harry came in today when I was playing through some passages in Bach's Cantata 12, and he wanted to "sit and listen"...uh, right. If it was that easy, we'd do it every day. As it was, he sat on the futon next to my Sawicki book, listened for 10 seconds, said, "I want to play oboe!", tried to grab it from me, then scrambled into the corner (no oboe, I'm not that stupid), shouting that he found Curious George. Dave was putting Bryton down for a nap. Thus ended my practice session. I played 2 scales (slowly, just to test evenness of the ranges, adjustment of my oboe, etc.) and 5 minutes of the Bach.

Every 2 weeks in the summertime, I can take the boys to Wee Care, free childcare for one two-hour slot. For the past two times (Bryton's only two visits), I went grocery shopping and running, another thing I can't do with both boys to look after. This week, I think I'll try getting in a quick run around the church (where I drop off the boys), then get home and practice for the rest of the time. Of course, we also have a house guest this weekend, and the house won't clean itself. Even finding time to blog about it is tough.

Anyone who thinks stay-at-home moms have time to kill is seriously delusional!!

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Robin said...

I'm so proud of your progress, Jillian! I can't EVEN imagine how tough that is to make room for practice time, reed time and instrument-adjusting time with the other demands in your life. You are so amazing!