Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Revisiting the oboe

Checking back in...I wonder if anyone checks in with this blog anymore. It has been a while! But my husband has inspired me with starting his own blog (for interesting tidbits on his recording projects, gigs and unfortunate love of the Old Spice guy and Will Ferrell...), in addition to our family blog. I thought, what better way to get me back to practicing after the birth of my second son than by writing an account of my progress to keep me accountable.

I have not touched my oboe or English horn for 3.5 months.

Goal: To play a little each day, working my embouchure and endurance back up BEFORE my first rehearsal back with the orchestra in September. Maybe this will be like re-learning, and I can actually develop some good habits that I always preach but rarely practice. (Hello, long tones and scales.)

It's a little sad that I often walk around and think in terms of Facebook statuses. Maybe I need a break from that site... But, I do have a good one (I think) for when I do start practicing again:

Jillian thinks re-introductions may be necessary: Oboe, face. Face, oboe. This may hurt a little.

Stay tuned.

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oboeinsight.com said...

I read this, yes!

With my first to kiddos I didn't take any time off, but with the third I took two months or so before getting back to playing. It did come back ... I think. ;-)