Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knowing oboe rep makes you sexy

Every oboist has seen the Superbowl Commercial with the oboe-playing football player. But have you seen Victor Newman talk about his passion for music?? (And am I the only one who watches daytime tv? Not so much these days, but I still watch Young & the Restless on DVR.)

Set-up: Victor has started dating (read: sleeping with) his daughter's friend Sabrina, who is an international (is she supposed to be French?) art expert; Victor has hired her as his art consultant... (The whole thing is pretty creepy, but this scene was HILARIOUS.)

Victor: Art inspires you the way music inspires me. [Blog author's note: Since when?] Do you know Bellini?

Sabrina: (Giggles.) It's so sexy to hear you talk about music. Yes, Bellini. He's a genius. Do you know his oboe concerto?

Victor: In E-flat Major? Yes, beautiful.

Sabrina: And his operas...Norma is my absolute favourite.

Me: (Laughing hysterically.)


Karmen said...

Sorry - stupid bassoonist here - did Bellini actually write an oboe concerto? Of course I'm familiar with his operas, but an oboe concerto? The quote makes it sound like he wrote more than one - Victor: "In E-flat Major?" Sabrina: "No, the one in g minor . . ."

Ahh - the Young & Restless - I'd hate to be the one to break it to them, but they're not that young anymore!

Jillian said...

yes, and it is indeed in E-flat major. (and there's only one) It just made me laugh that they chose that piece to sound smart about music. I mean, I like the concerto, but it wouldn't be my choice to represent elitist classical music!

C.J. said...

doesn't every kid go through the bellini in like middle school or something?

Kerry Rasmussen said...

I like Bellinis - Cactus Club makes good ones, and so does Moxies. Oh wait, you're talking about a composer, ooops - my bad...