Sunday, February 03, 2008

I really thought it was a joke!

An oboe-playing football player! The ad is called Mr. Oboe.
I can only imagine every oboist watching the Superbowl (10 or 12 of us?) leaning forward and saying, "Oh my goodness. Is this for real?" I did.

Of course, we are watching 20 minutes behind on DVR, so as I logged on to blog about it, I notice that Patty beat me to the blogging punch. She agreed though--best ad ever! (Better than Alex Klein on Geico? Well, yes. If Alex played the oboe on that commercial, he might have beat out Mr. Oboe.)


Robin said...

I saw it, too! (And I immediately wondered if you had seen it, and the rest of the League of Extraordinary Oboists across the nation.)
I made sure to let everybody at the Super Bowl party know, "Dude! He's playing the oboe!!!"

Karmen said...

I saw it too - and thought that the only way it would be a cooler ad were if he were playing the bassoon :)

I just sent you an email about it - I guess I should have checked your blog first!

Hilda said...

Hahaha! I saw it too and was screaming "OMG it's an oboe!!!" the whole time. The best part was that my parents actually recognized it first because I was busy working on my shower invitations.