Saturday, November 03, 2007

Take that, organization gods!

As I look around our house, I can't help but get that creeping feeling of unpreparedness from time to time. Especially these days. Yesterday, I had an overwhelming feeling of "I'm not ready to be a parent! Look how messy my living room is!"...a little irrational, I know. So I'm doing a few things to help me get ready for the baby. It's not much, but as I'll likely be recovering from a c-section (see My Belly blog for updates) and taking care of a newborn, every little bit helps. So here's my list of organization feats I can type out and be proud of:

1) I've ordered my November order for Melaleuca (monthly commitment) AND pre-ordered for December.
2) I've bought Christmas presents for my nephews, my niece, friends and my husband, and I have a concrete list of presents to buy for other family members.
3) I'm going out to return a couple of doubled baby items today and buy one more thing we need before Baby arrives.
4) I've been preparing meals for us once we get home from the hospital. Bake one quiche for now, one for later. One lasagna for now, one for the freezer.
5) We've installed the car seat and baby mirrors in the car. (Extra base for the second car to be bought today.)
6) We're going to the hospital today to get my insurance-covered breastpump.


7) We're going on a date tonight. Dinner out! Perhaps the last time before Baby Camwell arrives. We'll see!

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