Friday, November 09, 2007

Not bored yet

I haven't hit that wall of "what am I going to do with myself today?" yet. I still have a long list of things I'd like to accomplish before Baby makes his appearance, and I could either get none of it done (Dave would prefer that--he's so anxious, he wants to meet this baby yesterday), or get ALL of it done then have another five days of absolutely nothing to do. I must say, I'm very good at doing nothing. I know a lot of people who go crazy. Maybe I'll change my tune once I have nothing to do, but my mom is arriving tonight, so the days will only go faster.

Last night we went out for another "possibly last dinner out together before the baby arrives" at the Cheesecake Factory. When we got home, I brought a couple things upstairs, tidied up a small pile of clutter in my oboe studio, and continued to tidy up for 45 minutes. Well, that room was on my list. It's never looked better. I should take a picture. And we actually have a place to put Christmas presents...and yes, we've bought most of our Christmas presents. Do you hate me? ;) Today is wrapping day, guest bathroom and bedroom day, and swiffer my kitchen ceiling day.

I haven't played a lick of oboe since my last Camelot performance...almost two weeks ago. I'd developed chops of steel. It should be interesting to see where they are now. Practicing is pretty far down my list though. Last night I dreamed I was in the orchestra pit for the show directly after Camelot (it was a Christmas Medley of sorts), and while all the orchestra members were there, nobody was taking it seriously except for me (this is opposite to my regular playing dreams), and there was only the music for Camelot on the stands. I was sitting next to the horns, and it baffled people why I should suggest that we rearrange ourselves so that I'd sit next to the second oboe (I flatter myself in my dreams apparently--being Principal) and the rest of the woodwinds. dream reeds were great! Usually my dream reed consists of a pencil that's stuck in my oboe through which I have to hum the music, as obviously no sound will come out.

I'm getting my head back into the labour game vs. the c-section game, and I plan on actually compiling a labour music CD pretty soon. Maybe tomorrow, after I de-cat-fur the couches and chairs.

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