Thursday, November 29, 2007


Not that I'm chomping at the bit (or the reed) to start playing again--I'm enjoying my newborn too much--but I was wondering how long some other oboe mommies out there waited before getting back to playing. I'm taking November and December off from CRSO, and my next set is mid-January. Pre-baby, I thought I might start practicing again a week or two after he was born. I even thought I'd play while he slept (across the hall, might I add), and he would get used to hearing oboe and English horn. Let me say now: ha!

Sooooo....seriously. Should I start things slowly? When? I have absolutely no motivation to practice at this point, but I'm worried that all of a sudden, it will be Jan. 15 and rehearsals start on the 16th. A nice belated baby shower gift? Reeds! ;)

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Patty said...

Well, my "back to work schedule was this":
First child: back to work in 3 weeks. (TOO SOON!)
Second child: back to work in, I think, maybe a month
Third child: back to work ... well, I thought it was 3 months, but he was born on July 17, and I am just sure I went back when the season began, so that would mean the beginning of September (or last week of August), so I think what it was was that I hadn't PLAYED for 3 months.

Sooo ... with #1 I was playing within a week or so. NOT that I wanted to! The second was not much different. The third was easier (although we also had moved out of our house the day before he was born so I did have other things on my mind -- we were remodeling and didn't move back in for 3 months!), as I believe I didn't start to play for at least 1 month.

It was no big deal to get back to playing. If you played a lot prior to the birth I think it just "happens". Well, okay, the first few days after #3 I thought, "How do I form an embouchure?!" But really, it comes back quickly. Just cut yourself some slack for those first few days.

I didn't have any problem at all when it comes to support and all. I think that's an advantage of not have a c-section. We get back to normal much quicker. (With my third it felt as if I hadn't even given birth the day after having him!)

Ramble ramble ... how disjointed this was ... my brain is on ramblemode. Sorry!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Patty! Yes, I imagine my embouchure will be a bit wobbly.

Relating to nothing, my verification word to type is "obino"...close enough combination of oboe and bambino to me! (but maybe I'm just looking for these things!)

Patty said...

Oh I like obino! Very cute.

But your little one is cuter. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gina here...still haven't gotten an official blog identity yet.

Lauren (our only so far) was born December 6th, 2005. I played concerts up until 2.5 weeks before she was born (4 weeks before her due date), but took all of December and January off from rehearsals and concerts.

I think I practiced for the first time when she was about 2 weeks old, but didn't really do any serious, down-n-dirty practicing until she was about 4 weeks old. And, when she was 2 months and 1 day old, I went right back to rehearsals (2 hours away...what to do with the baby when you're commuting to orchestra rehearsals is quite the thing to figure out! But that's an entirely different blog subject. Let me know if you want to know what I learned the hard way!).

By the way, I TOTALLY suggest practicing near Harrison during nap time so he gets used to the sound of the oboe. I didn't, and Lauren was miserable (so was I!) for months when I practiced. Later, I also wore her on my back in a Mei Tai when I needed to simultaneously practice (or even make reeds) and console her. What a lifesaver!