Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My teeth hurt

This was a long day. Rehearsal for Camelot went from 10am-3pm, with no lunch break. We had 10 minute breaks every hour, which really helped. I would eat half a sandwich, brush my teeth, go the bathroom, and get back in my seat for the next section. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Shout out to Patty! I giggled when I saw her Lancelot poems taped into the part. They're still there, Patty! (I searched your blog for the poems--I thought you'd posted them--do you have them? If so, could you please post a link in my comment section?) Well, I felt cosmically connected to a friend I've never met! :)

*Update: Here are the two poems I found in my part book. :) I think they're great--not "really bad poems"!

After our rehearsal, I drove the half hour home, got changed, made a quick dinner and went back for the 5:30 soundcheck. Show at 7:30, finished at 10:15. Phew!

With all that sitting and playing, my body is seriously hurting. I may need to visit the chiropractor tomorrow. Here's the rant: my hips hurt, my wrists hurt, my back hurts, baby was kicking like crazy during the show (and that sometimes hurts!), my lips are a little raw (after one day?! yes!), and my teeth really do hurt. Reeds too hard? Probably. Biting? Well, if the reeds were too hard, yes. Several hours of playing when I'm pretty much out of shape? Bingo.

Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. I'll go through my reeds again and try to find something a little easier. I'm still waiting on some English horn reeds I ordered over a month ago. Grrr... I will not be practicing all day tomorrow! I can't practice the part anyway, as we had to leave the book.

Prenatal appointment tomorrow...only 3 weeks to go! The cellist on the gig is also pregnant, due in January. Everyone thinks I'm crazy to be doing a show this close to my due date. I guess it's risky, but I'm feeling good so far!! I was kind of looking forward to the reaction of the contractor when he saw I was very pregnant...I'm glad he didn't panic!

I'm liking this show. Lou Diamond Phillips, who replaced Michael York for this tour, is playing King Arthur. He sounds good from down in the pit. Guinevere (can't find the name of the singer right now) sounds great, as does Lancelot. We had a practice CD with our advance books, and I wasn't looking forward to playing this cheesy musical, but it's much better now that I'm doing it. The CD was pretty terrible. We all sound better, of course!

1 show down, 7 to go! It will be a very long week. Hopefully my teeth won't hurt so much tomorrow!

p.s. How odd that my time posts are always an hour off! I keep changing the time zone for my blog and it always goes back to Mountain time...what gives? Anyone have a solution?


patty said...

Hey Jillian! So your teeth hurt, eh? I've had that too. I think it's just from playing a lot ... I get it and I never have really hard reeds.

What a kick that my really bad poems are still there!

I found two blog entries: http://oboeinsight.com/2007/02/11/two-more-rbps/ and http://oboeinsight.com/2007/02/09/i-guess-im-just-misguided/ . I see I blogged elsewhere about that show too.

I know it's a cheesy show, but it was a show I grew up on (my sister constantly listened to her record) so I had all these wonderful memories of it. (I also played it twice before, once with Richard Harris and once with Goulet.)

Who is conducting now? (Private email maybe?) Is the horn player/assistant conductor still there? The drummer, I remember, was a nice guy. In fact it seems like the travelers were all very nice and not the typical druggies ... not yet at least!

They had talked about taking the show to Broadway. Are they still thinking that way?

Well ... hang in there! I played nearly to my due dates. It kept me from going nuts! :-)

patty said...

So two of the poems didn't stick around eh? Guess THOSE were "really, REALLY bad poems". ;-)