Monday, September 03, 2007

Reeds and Rachael

Practicing for Dave's recital is going well. At times my fingers don't want to go as fast as they need to, but I can play most of the piece (Paganini's Moto Perpetuo) up to our (current) performance speed. With all this practicing, my chops are feeling great (go figure!), and I'd love a chance to play a recital of my own in the near future. I guess not too near. No time before Baby, and I'm sure a recital will be the furthest thing from my mind for a while--short or long while, I have no idea!

In other news, Rachael Ray is a liar. (Fighting words?) I enjoy making most of her recipes, but they are rarely 30 minutes to make. Maybe it's my slow prep skills, but I average 45-60 minutes for her 30-minute meals. There are exceptions, and I can usually spot them, but sometimes new recipes take some experimenting. Tonight's meal was right on schedule, clocking in at 50 minutes. At least it was good. Smoked turkey sherperd's pie. Lots of leftovers. :) I did manage to slice off two fingernails (I'm not used to long nails, and they grow fast during pregnancy!) and a good chunk of one thumb. Hey--it turns out my knife skills ARE better in the oboe studio!

I'm so sleepy, and it's only 8pm. We're going over to Tracy's for dessert, which should keep me awake until bedtime.

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