Sunday, September 23, 2007

Marilyn's still got it

Just a quick English horn update. I haven't spoken with Robin yet (do you think she could possibly have more important things to do, like moving into her new house in a new city?!), but I want to tell her I'd like to buy the English horn.

I spent more time with it, and I did find a few things that need some attention. I think I've been used to squeezing my right hand a bit too much (my horn needs a little adjusting too), so when I focused on playing with zero finger pressure, I noticed some sealing issues. It doesn't surprise me, as the instrument hasn't been played for a long time. The high G sags a bit, and there are a few fuzzy notes that I think can be easily adjusted by lowering some keys. I have a great repairman in Iowa, although he's a three-hour drive away. Maybe I'll visit him during the next CRSO set (he's half an hour north of Cedar Rapids).

With those adjustments, I will be very very happy with this EH. I'm still over the moon that the timing has worked out so well.

My Bulgheroni English horn is officially for sale. Mark Weiger told me that there will be a table at OctOBOEfest for used instruments, and there are no English horns yet. As many of you know, it's very difficult to find a great used English horn. Mine is a beautiful instrument with a very sweet tone. (I'm especially going to miss the tone.) Intonation is very even throughout the range. To hear me play this instrument, click here. I'm asking $4200. Spread the word! Let me know if you know someone who wants a great instrument!

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