Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Coconut dainties: check
Lemon tartlets: check (I'll never make that recipe again though--so much work for 16 tartlets--arg!)
Mini cheesecakes: check
Nanaimo bars: check
Truffles: will make tomorrow
Bridal shower veil: check
Invitations to baby shower: check (5 hours or so, thank you very much)
Lingerie sachets for bridal shower: check (scented beads/rocks wrapped in tulle then lace, tied with purple ribbon)
Poster for bridal shower: check
Games typed and printed up for bridal shower: check
Scrapbook pages ready for bridal shower: check
Glitter and scented beads cleaned up in the kitchen: check
Decorations: must wait until after my piano students leave tomorrow to put those up! (I'll have one hour from the end of teaching until the beginning of the shower!)

Needless to say, I've been busy.

I have practiced Paganini every day though.

Except today.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Practice first, bake later.

Are you thinking, "I must get Jill to throw me a shower!"? Dream on. At least not again while I'm pregnant!

Still to do tomorrow: make truffles, swiffer, clean bathrooms, cut up fruit for fruit plate, make caramel sauce, make whipping cream, make sangria, put up decorations...remember all the other things I forgot to do...

It's going to be such a fun shower tomorrow night though!!


Patty said...

Wow. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

I'm lucky to get up and ... well ... breathe. :-)

Have a wonderful time with your friends!

Mary said...

LOL! After baby checklist:

Call everyone and tell them to meet at a restaurant: check

Stop at dollar store at the last minute to buy something. Can't remember what. Dammit, forgot the list at home: check

Get to restaurant, realize that you are still wearing your slippers: check

Order a beer, drink a beer, rush to washroom to express your milk into the toilet: check

Try to drink a second beer - and fall asleep in your food: check

Remind self to write apology letter to whomever it was you were throwing the party for (cause you can't remember that either): check

Go home, collapse, only to be awakened by a hungry baby boy crying: check

Enjoy your baby-free (and baby-brain-free) time while you have it :) But don't forget to relax at some point, and have some Jill time! (and Jill & Dave time!)

Love ya,

Jillian said...

LOL, Mary!