Monday, August 20, 2007

The blood is gone

My title for this post was going to be "How do you get blood off a white microfiber couch?", and miraculously, it came off! Story...

Dave and I were playing Scrabble last night, and we paused to give my parents a quick call to see if they made it to their hotel in Billings. While we were talking to them, I noticed some spots on the back of our couch. I got up to see what it was, and I noticed a whole bunch of blood all over the table behind the couch, mainly on an envelope and a card (guess I won't be keeping that card from my aunt congratulating us on the pregnancy...). I kept looking, and there were blood stains down the front cushion, all over the center cushion and down the front of the couch. There were also drips along our floor. I think my mom might have been concerned at my suddenly shouting, "ahhh! There's blood everywhere! I have to go now!"

We found both cats in the basement, and Clara's back leg was indeed bleeding. She didn't like us trying to clean her up. I have no idea how it happened. Dave thinks it was her and Fanny playing, and maybe Fanny took a swipe with her claw. I don't think that would cause so much bleeding though. Maybe she caught herself on a nail or something, in which case I'd have to hunt down this thing that snagged my cat. She seemed to be favouring her leg, so I thought I'd take her to the vet this morning. Of course, this morning she was hopping on and off furniture as usual, letting us pick her up, no wincing (or unearthly howls) at us touching her leg, and no more limping. OK then.

As for the white couch, it took us some time to clean that up, but this miracle cleaner we had really worked. If you buy your furniture at an actual furniture store, I strongly recommend spending the extra $30 for the fabric protection stuff they try to pawn off on you. I went to bed, resigned to the fact that I'll always have little red/brown stains all over the couch. In the morning--poof! Gone! I couldn't even see where most of them had been! Of course, I still had to throw away the card.

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