Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OK, I admit it

I've joined Facebook, and it's fun. I still vow not to become addicted though! And I will not abandon my blogs. There just isn't the same kind of ability on Facebook to do this--at least I don't know how.

Early morning (6:45am--people with children already, or day jobs, don't tell me to get used to it...just let me sleep for another 4 months) for a doctor's appointment in West Des Moines (35 minutes away). There Dave and I were told we did not have TB. That's good to know. We had physicals on Monday for our greencard applications, and since I'm pregnant, I didn't have to get any immunizations or x-rays, which saved us big $$$. Still, with the two of us, we had to shell out more than $900--none of it covered by insurance. This is why we're not getting new carpet this year.

We're going to Des Moines Metro Opera's performance of Verdi's Otello tonight. Part of our anniversary present to each other. If I'm going to stay awake, I'm going to have to take a nap!

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