Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's a whirlwind, as usual

I'll blog more about our trip, but for now I must say I'm looking forward to going back to Iowa. I love Calgary, but Indianola now officially feels like home. Going to school in the US, first in Greeley, then in Eugene, we always referred to our trips to Calgary as trips back "home". Our families are still here, and many of our friends, but the city changes so much, and many more friends and family have moved on. Our "must-see" list gets smaller and smaller when we go back (and I'm sorry to say we still haven't seen some people on this list...I'm so sorry! I'm pregnant and there's only so much I can handle in a day!), and we're finding it difficult to even sit down and call people. Long story short, now that we're out of our student lifestyle (finally!), we're building our own home, and our own real life in Indianola. We may not stay there forever (I get many questions, "are you there for good?"...and I have absolutely no idea--I still have big plans in life!), but it's home and we love it. (Not that I don't love Calgary...ok, you get the idea...I'm not at my most eloquent these days.)

To give you a taste of the madness that is our Calgary visit, we went to two weddings and two receptions yesterday alone. Wedding #1: noon; Camwell lifelong family friends; couple met at our own wedding six years ago. Wedding #2: 2:30 downtown (luckily only 15 minutes from the first ceremony); high school friend of mine (Jeff), high school friend of Dave (Gail), orchestra friend of mine (Gail), college friend of both (Jeff); Dave set up this couple.

Obviously, we didn't want to miss either wedding! It was so funny to receive "save the date" cards from both couples several months ago...with the same date on each card. Yikes!

Both ceremonies were lovely, but they were very different. Reception #1 started at 5pm, also downtown, so we didn't have far to go. Reception #2 started at 6:30pm, so we were able to go to cocktails of #1 and the main part of #2. Phew! I was beat by 9pm. Here are a couple pictures from our day:

Kelly and Ben Laird

Me and Dave after ceremony #1

Gail and Jeff Hiley

We were just so happy to be able to celebrate with both couples and their families and friends. And now...on with the madness. We're going to Olds this afternoon to see more family. OK. I can handle this!


amy said...

I remember Gail. She went to Scarlett. She was in my year. Thats cool she got married.

Shauna said...

That is a lovely picture of you and Dave!!