Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bloggers...and more oboe stuff

I've edited some of the links to the side of this blog. Some of my blogging friends haven't posted in so long that I've deemed them Missing In Action. I do miss you! And Facebook is not an excuse! I will not succumb to Facebook. I like it here just fine, thank you very much. I do not need Facebook to suck me into its vortex and take up all of my precious free time!

Cooper (read my last post) moved over to WordPress. I forgot to point out in my last post that he named his oboe "Barbara". I love it. My first Loree was named "Jean-Claude Van Oboe" (remember, Karm?), but I don't have a name for my current Loree. Am I just not as attached to it? I have played this instrument since 2000. Maybe he/she needs a name. I've got it: Seven! It's 7 years old, I'm blatently using a Seinfeld episode in that name, and "7" is a very funny inside joke...some of you may recall my cruiseship story?...Did I ever post about that? OK, my oboe's name is Seven.


Karmen said...

Seven!! (I totally remember the cruise ship story!)

I've been sticking with German operatic heroine type names for my bassoons - my first Fox was Brunhilde, and my current one is Hildegard.

Mary said...

ok, i have blogged once more. lol.