Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't do it!

One recommendation for pregnant women: don't take up a new hobby while pregnant. Especially if that hobby is playing the oboe or making reeds. Musicians, imagine all the frustrations you've ever had with playing your instrument or the tear-your-hair-out feeling you sometimes get when reeds just aren't going your way. Now throw in some pregnancy hormones.

I was practically in tears an hour ago. Unfortunately, this is NOT a hobby for me, this is my career. Reeds must be made and frustrations set aside. Maybe a good baby shower gift would be oboe and English horn reeds. That would make my day.

I haven't been playing much recently. There was that whole lecture-document thing (just a wee bit stressful) and being out of town, teaching, getting our green card application ready...ok, I know none of these are good excuses. If you are a musician, you make time. So now I'm going to play the pregnancy card. And the reed-making while pregnant card. I've never been a good reed maker. It's just so much more frustrating right now, and I know 100% that I'd be so much happier to play all day long if I didn't have to make these freaking reeds.

OK. Enough complaining. I have to get back upstairs. Tomorrow is my next CRSO rehearsal for this last set of the year--my first rehearsal with them in months. I don't want to show up and have bad reeds. I want to show the same level of professionalism I've always (well, on my good days--let's not be cocky here) had. You have to step up and deal with whatever is in your reed case. I plan on doing just that! (Of course dealing with good reeds would be nice, so it's off to work for me!)

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C.J. said...

Hi Jill, I finally fixed my Graf machines and made those reeds. So if you want to send me your address I'll send them out.