Thursday, June 14, 2007

A cold sweat

I was a substitute teacher very briefly at a high school. On my first day, I was coaching two girls on singing in a classroom, as they had back-to-back study halls. There are no bells in the school, and I was keeping an eye on the clock so I'd know when to get to my next class. I thought time was up, and one of the girls said, no it's Thursday, we go until 3:00. 2:40 rolls around, and I look up (there are glass windows in the door), and I see students with instruments wandering down the hallway, one by one. First some violinists, then a saxophone or two, flutists, a bass player...then I realize the girls were talking about their double study halls. I'd missed the entire orchestra's rehearsal I was supposed to be directing. I rush out and manage to round them back up into the orchestra room. The principal comes by and I apologize profusely. I decide to turn it into a "learning experience" and ask them, "did you practice on your own before I got here?" (Noooo.) "Well, this is what you should do next time..."

Then I woke up.

Yes, this was my dream last night. And I've never been a classroom teacher, or a substitute teacher. So why the anxiety? Just about every night, I am having anxious dreams. No baby anxiety dreams (yet). Just music and school-related. How do I stop these from happening?!

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