Saturday, May 05, 2007


That would be "grr" as in "grrr", not as in "grrrreat!"

Will someone please sharpen my knife for me? And take my reeds and make them play? It's been one of those weeks, and particular one of those nights, where I scrape and scrape, and the darn things aren't vibrating at all. I attempt to crow to test it, and the pressure is too much for my belly. It protests. The one reed I finally got to a point where it 'might' play (with great 'might') decided it would spring a leak.

I blame the weather. Tornadoes and all. Crazy weather systems. And yes, the weather really does effect our reeds. It's not just an excuse!

In all seriousness, this is just devastating to hear about so many people losing their homes and lives today and tonight. It's one of the scary things about living in the Midwest. Puts a little reed in perspective.

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oboeinsight2 said...

Reeds, schmeeds!

I hate reeds. Period.

Go eat chocolate. ;-)