Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Grr...grumble, grumble

What started out as a good day...

...early morning rehearsal
...bad reeds
...frustrating afternoon
...three late students

...bad day.

More tomorrow.


Pattyoboe said...

1) early morning rehearsals should be banned
2) bad reeds suck big time and we are NOT to blame!
3) afternoons are for naps
4) late students should be embarrassed (and no, I don't go over time if they are late ... after all I was on time!)

I hope this evening is a turns into something better. You have my sympathy and understanding.

Only GOOD tomorrow ... it's the plan!

Jill Cathey said...

Hi Jillian - go look out on your lovely garden and it will make you feel better! I agree with all Patty said. Have a better day tomorrow.
Jill (formerly known as Gillian in my "wanna-be cooler" days -hehehe)