Friday, May 11, 2007

Conferring with the masters

The conference of the Iowa Bandmasters' Association went well yesterday. Actually, it's still going on today. Dave's there now, networking in his finest form. My clinic went really well yesterday. The room was small but very full of people! I'd say about 40 people cut fit in there. It was long and narrow, which made me worry as my voice was not at its best. I met an oboist afterwards who was sitting in to hear what I had to say, and I was retroactively nervous. Isn't that weird? I'm glad I didn't know she was there before the clinic. I didn't really get any questions, so it was either a quiet crowd, or I was so completely thorough that there was no room for questions. (ha)

I try not to stand still and read from my notes in clinics like that. I'll have to practice my DMA lecture several times to practice keeping my place--I lost it a few times yesterday. I look at the group in front of me, and for better or worse, I check for some level of comprehension in their faces. There was one guy who constantly had a look on his face like this:

(I know, this is not my most flattering photo.)

It became my mission to erase that expression off his face. I succeeded a couple times, when I had the room laughing at my amazing (read: lame) sense of humour. I just had to accept that he always looked like that. His poor students. "Mr. Smith? How was my solo just now?"

I went through three pairs of shoes yesterday. I have several blisters on my feet. I'm glad I'd brought the back-ups. The concert last night went very well. I was sitting in with Simpson's Symphonic Band. My reeds sucked (particularly my neglected English horn reeds), but I made it through. Dave performed "The Carnival of Venice" with the band, and he sounded fantastic! Yeah, Dave! With our two meals out yesterday, parking for the day, Dave's accompanist's fee, and the few things we (I) bought at the conference (2 CDs and I'd always wanted a reed soaker that clips to your stand--Robin will laugh when she reads that...timing is everything...your parcel was waiting for me when I got home last night!)...we made an astounding $50 between the two of us. Still, I'd do it again. I had fun!

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Shauna said...

lol Jill!!
That picture is too funny- you're pretty talented that you can still manage to look pretty hot while making a face like that!!
I'm glad to hear that your lecture went well, and that you had a full audience!