Monday, April 16, 2007

Nitty gritty

I'm into the nitty gritty details of my DMA document. I want to have a draft finished this week.

Question for oboists with access to the first oboe part to Mozart's Symphony No. 36 ("Linz")--or anyone with access to this score--or bassoonists with the first bassoon part. First movement, Allegro spiritoso section--oboe/bassoon line in E minor. (Rothwell "Difficult Passages" vol. 2, pg. 15, #466.) I'm looking for those measure numbers. The line goes (q=quarter note, h=half note, e=eighth note; grouped by bars): (qq)E-E (hh)E-B (eeeeqq)A-G-F#-E-B-B (eeeeeeee)A-G-F#-E-A#-B-A#-B (eeeeqq)A-G-F#-E-C-C. Five measures total including the pick-up measure.

If that makes sense to you, and you can help me out, please leave a comment here with the measure numbers or email me if you have my address.

Good luck, right? It's just an itty-bitty (nitty gritty) detail. If all else fails, I can hunt down a score (too bad this library is so small).


Pattyoboe said...

It begins in bar 79 and goes through 83, Jill. (On the third beat.) By the way, my part looks different -- it has no grace notes, but is notated as we play it. (Even 8ths.) Hmmm. I'm guessing it's because these copies (fromt the CD-ROM orchestral library) are Kalmus.

Hope this helps! :-)

Jillian said...

brilliant! thanks, Patty!!

Pattyoboe said...

Ah ... but look at this!

The complete score. Online. I had read about this ... that ALL Mozart works are now available free online. Is that cool or what?

I met David Packard when our opera company moved into the new hall (which he paid for in a major way. He had a party last year for the opera cast & crew and I was able to see some of his Mozart project. He LOVES Mozart. I'm not sure if this was a part of that, but anyway, there you go! :-)

(The main page is here: )

Jillian said...

why, thank you again! that's great!