Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boo, Flames, Boo

What a depressing hockey game. 4-1 Detroit over Calgary. Way to start the series. They seemed to sit back and watch while the Wings hussled, and Kiprusoff was what kept them from losing 8 or even 10-1. At least it was on TV. Of course, that may be why they lost...because I was able to watch live. I've never been to a winning Flames game. I rarely see one on television. Do I have an overactive imagination, or should I just not watch the rest of the series?

In other news, I have no appetite. Forget the food pyramid--I can't eat enough in a day. My dinner was left-over guacamole and chips, left-over Kraft dinner, and a cheese stick. Oh, and a glass of juice. Right now I'm seriously contemplating some ice cream. And I thought Dave ate poorly when I went out of town. Come home, honey! (And tell me how the Flames did--I won't watch.)

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