Thursday, March 08, 2007

Idol and Other Entertainment

*Spoiler alert*



Who watched American Idol tonight? I had a big "X" next to Jared and Sanjaya for the guys, and Haley and Antonella for the girls. The two shockers were Sanjaya beating Sundance, who I've never particularly liked anyway but he's way better than this kid, and Haley beating Sabrina. What?!

Here's my theory re. Haley over Sabrina. The meaner the judges are to a contestant, the more sympathy they get from television viewers. Think Kevin from last season. How did he last so long? ("Thstarry, Thstarry night!") So Simon tells Haley he doesn't even know her name, and she wins over a much more talented Sabrina. Hmmm.

OK, I'm tired of talking about this already. I wouldn't make a great entertainment reporter.

In other entertainment, I just finished reading Alexander McCall Smith's "2&1/2 Pillars of Wisdom", which was delightful, and oh my goodness, if you click here, you might be as shocked as me to discover its price as a used book on Amazon. Why so expensive? Should I sell my copy?! We picked it up for free at a book exchange! Then there's a separate listing with cheaper prices. Oh well, there goes my fortune. Anyway, it's a great intellectually funny read. I only wish I could read Spanish, Portugese, German and Latin. I understood the French jokes. (Not to scare you off--there were just a few italicized "witty" remarks made by the pompous main character--very Frasier Crane.)

I just started Anne Tyler's "Digging to America". I have high hopes for this one. It's about the entwined lives of two families who have adopted baby girls from Korea and meet each other for the first time at the airport. (That's where I've read to so far.)

The other fabulous books I'm reading:

Barbara Conable's books on the Alexander Technique, The Inner Game of Music, Evelyn Rothwell's Oboe Technique...can you tell these might be for my lecture-document?

Sigh. To read purely for pleasure again...and to watch tv with no guilt whatsoever!

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