Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Go, Flames, Go!

After American Idol finished, I flipped through my guide and saw that the Calgary Flames are playing the St. Louis Blues!! We never get Flames games on tv here! Very exciting. Of course, it's the one time Dave isn't here to watch! Maybe he'll see it in his hotel room. The funny thing is, Dave and I wanted to try to drive down and see this game, but he's on tour this week.

Woohoo! Flames just tied it up in the third! That also never happens. Usually they'll lose if I watch a game. Eek. Maybe I should turn it off?


The Blues' arena looks really empty. It sounds so quiet compared with the Saddledome. I just saw a promo for "student night", where if you show your student i.d. 90 minutes before the game, you can get a lower level seat (normally +$100) for $20. Hmmm. Another reason to drive down to St. Louis. They're apparently the worst selling tickets in the NHL. Calgary is sold out every game.

Woohoo! Flames just scored! 3-2 Flames!!!

FYI, I'm talking about hockey. (That's for my American friends that don't know about the Flames.)

Go, Flames, Go!!


Pattyoboe said...

Sounds like loads 'o fun.

We live about 10 minutes from "The Tank" where the Sharks play. Have I ever been? Nope.

Guess maybe someday.

The only time I've been to the arena is when they've had concerts. Like Pavarotti. Domingo. Oh ... and a few pops artists. Those things are hysterical, especially the opera guys ... people dressed to the nines, sitting on chairs that are on a thick rubber mat that is on ICE. So these ladies in strapless sequined gowns freeze. Really makes me laugh.

I'm evil that way.

Karmen said...

Go Flames Go!!