Friday, February 16, 2007

Space Cat...and Mahler

...simply because Mahler seems to be this month's theme.

We have a new friend that visits us at our front door. He's actually called the front door his own...if you know what I mean. Our girls hate him with a passion. Our neighbours have named him Space Cat, a name that seems to suit him. Dave wanted to start feeding him. Our neighbours feed him already, so we just give him a little bit. I just don't want cats marking their territory on my house.

He is pretty cute though.

Fanny and Clara checking out a new visitor:

Space Cat:

And now I'm off to do a million things before heading out to Cedar Rapids this afternoon. Our dress rehearsal is tonight, and I'll stay over with the second oboist. If it snows, let it snow after I arrive in Cedar Rapids, not as I drive the 2.5 hours on the highway. I have some work to do tomorrow (hopefully finishing my paper to publish), and then it's Mahler 1 tomorrow night! (I am no longer enamoured with the third oboe/English horn part. I take back everything I said about it being as good a part as the first oboe. I curse you, low B!!) I have to work on reeds, pack, do the dishes, get all my things together, phone several people, pick up two!

Have a great weekend!

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