Friday, February 23, 2007

It's that time again!

I ran out of thread today (on my little spool, that is), and I'd meant to have this vote earlier! If you aren't up to speed on my new voting segment on this blog, click here. As I need new reeds pronto, the voting will end tonight at midnight!

Let's make this a "variegated" vote. This round's contenders:

From left to right: Weighing in at 1&3/8 oz.: Red-white-and-blue "Americana"
Weighing in at 1 oz. even, our lightweight champ: "Vary" Neon
Weighing in at 1&3/8 oz.: Variegated "don't call me nurple" Purple
Weighing in at 1&1/4 oz.: Variegated "I may be pretty, but I pack a punch" Pastel
Weighing in at 1&3/8 oz.: Variegated "I know you're envious" Green

Good luck to all colours. Vote now! (By email or comments.)


Jill Cathey said...

I really like the varigated green.

Patty said...

I go between green and the pastel. Hmmm. Maybe just to avoid making this too easy (since Jill chose green), I'll pick the pastel.

I'm silly that way. (And so many other ways.)