Thursday, February 22, 2007


(not "hydro"case)...

Has one of these been made for oboe reeds? My husband uses Vandoren's case for alto sax reeds, and he swears by it. He bought another for me, and I concocted a temporary styrofoam device to hold my oboe reeds securely. (I must looks pretty terrible. Don't call on me to make one for you. Leave it to the experts.) I've experimented with different levels of humidity, and I haven't really noticed a difference yet. Dave would say I'm not giving it a chance. (I am a little impatient.) That and I didn't want to use it for my best reeds in case it waterlogged them or otherwise ruined them. So I'm wondering if eventually my older reeds will be revitalized with this thing. Hmmm...reading that over, I guess I'm not really giving this thing a chance, am I? Well, if I don't like it in the end, Dave can use it for his tenor reeds.

I played on all my reeds last night, and some of them seemed refreshed after being in the hygrocase for two days. After playing them for two minutes though, they reverted to their old selves. I guess the test will be putting in newer reeds that are good to begin with. Dare I chance it?

Just thinking out loud...or on the computer.


Katrina said...

Blake has a humidifier in his reed case. Is that what you're talking about?

Jillian said...

Sort of. It's a specific humidifying case though. Not something you put in a regular case. I'll add a picture to this post.