Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reedmaking podcast

For those friends and family who asked me "how do you make an oboe reed?" (and soon regretted they asked that question), here's a podcast (thanks, Karm) of Chip Hamann, principal oboist of the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa, interviewed by Christopher Millard, principal bassoonist of the NAC Orchestra, explaining the art of reedmaking. If I've given you the speech, this will sound very familiar. If you've always wanted to know what I do, here's a good opportunity to learn! It's meant to be accessible to the non-musician. If you're an oboist or bassoonist, it's a fun listen.

Christopher Millard NACO Podcast


Karmen said...

Thanks for posting this Jill! I've listened to a number of the podcasts in this collection (they're great while working or reedmaking) and they're all really enjoyable!

Chris has got a great 'radio' personality, and always has insightful and humourous things to say!

Jillian said...

Well thank YOU for sending it! :) I'll have to check out more of his podcasts.