Friday, January 26, 2007

Jazz cats

I was a bit of a shuttle driver yesterday, going to the airport three times to pick up the guys for the Simpson College Jazz Festival. Isn't it wonderful when you have the opportunity to catch up with friends from different stages of your life--all on the same night?! We went to UNC (Northern Colorado) with Forest, UO (Oregon) with Dan, and James was Dave's teacher for a year at UO and is now a good friend.

The festival started today and will continue tomorrow. I'll try to go to the concert tomorrow evening. I don't envy the guys--adjudicating all day.

We all hung out last night (in shifts--Dan, Dave and I, then James and I, then James and I + Dave, then Dave, James, Forest and I)--I made a skillet dinner that would easily feed the migrating jazzers. After the festival today, I made dinner again, then we all hung out and drank margaritas while watching the Daily Show and Colbert. Good times.

Here are some pics from this evening.

Dave and Clara

The girls, unphased by the activities.



Relaxing on the couch--Forest, James, Dave (L-R)

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