Saturday, January 20, 2007

And the winner is...

Variegated blue!

This is what one of my blanks looks like. I like to thin the will-be tip a bit and trim off the ears. The rest I leave until the next day. This particular reed: K.Ge cane, .60mm, Joshua shape, Chudnow-E staple. I started experimenting with these staples a couple years ago. I really like the "E", but the "S" hasn't really worked for me. If you understood any of that, you might be an oboist.

Here is the famous spool:

We had a busy day today, so I only started at about 9:30pm (including soaking and shaping). I only tied one on tonight. I still need to start a few others from the other day.

So congratulations, variegated blue! And thanks to those of you who voted!


Pattyoboe said...

Hmmm ... "I only tied one on" ... if some non-oboe sort read that they wouldn't interpret like I interpret! ;-)

Lovely reed. Do you need my address now, or shall I wait until you finish it? (Just kidding, of course! I would never take a reed from a fellow oboist ... I know the work involved!)

My reeds are getting me through Dvorak ... woo hoo! I use one for movements 1, 3 and 4, and a special, slightly more resistant one, for the 2nd. It's actually working. I'm sort of stunned.

Next week will be MY reed tying week, I believe. I have no variegated thread. Ah well. I'll be boring old me. As always.

Jillian said...

I also believe you said you'd get it if periwinkle won... ;)

After typing "tied one on", I briefly thought about backspacing. Ah well.

Pattyoboe said...

Well, you're right; I said I'd get one if you chose periwinkle. But I was thinking maybe a consolation prize was in order. ;-)

(I'm such an expert at finding a way to be "owed" a reed, and yet no one ever buys into it. Go figure!)

Hope you tie a few more on today. ;-)