Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Snowman

It's a little fuzzy, but here's a clip from the wonderful BBC 4 animated short "The Snowman" (this is the only part with singing or any words at all). This is actually not the original kid singing either, but this one's pretty good!

One of our favourite Christmas traditions. Enjoy.


Pattyoboe said...

Oh ... one of my FAVES! My daughter had to buy the video because she has such fond memories of this. (I had recorded it off the TV when it was broadcast here.) I love the music!

Pattyoboe said...

... and it's interesting to hear this singer. Sounds like a non-English speaking singer to me. I wonder. (Do you know who is singing?)

Jillian said...

No, I don't know who is singing. I just got it off YouTube.

Pattyoboe said...

Well, you managed to get me to purchase the DVD! I do wonder, though, which voice will be on my purchase ... although I'll be fine either way. I have very fond memories of the original singer (I seem to recall he was a young British boy?) but I like this new one as well. :-)

Thanks for putting this up!