Friday, December 29, 2006


This won't turn into a knitting blog, I promise, but I just wanted to share my progress with everybody--especially Katrina! Here's my scarf-in-progress. This first picture shows you the detail I added (suggested by Margaret and Kerry, Dave's mom and my cousin):

This second picture gives you a better idea about the colour of the wool, but the focus isn't that great.

I realize it's not perfect (Kerry had to rescue me from a near disaster once, but there's still a little hole in the middle of a row), but it's neat to see the scarf coming together. I MADE THAT!

Yesterday, Kerry (and my mom) took me to a knitting shop and bought me some more needles (thanks, Kerry!!), and I bought a beginner's knitting book and some wool for another scarf (this time for Dave). Watch out, world! Maybe someday I'll do an oboe cozy! ( not let me knit an oboe cozy!)


Shauna said...

You have to start somewhere- and your scarf is looking great Jill!! It's nice to know another knitter!! I am just finishing up a project- a baby blanket for our friends :)

Merry Christmas!

Jillian said...

Thanks! Happy New Year, Shauna!