Friday, December 22, 2006

Like a baby bird learning to fly

Our dear friends Blake and Katrina stayed with us last night, enroute from Missouri to Minnesota. Katrina is an avid knitter, and I've always wanted to learn. Her Christmas gift to me was my first pair of knitting needles and some beautiful...oh my gosh, I know nothing about it still called 'yarn' if it's alpaca/merino? (Am I even remembering correctly that that is the correct blend of wool?) Anyway, I love it! Such a thoughtful and personal gift.

She also taught me the basics of knit and pearl stitches as well as how to cast on and off, which I've since forgotten. I remember the early days of reed making, and teaching my own students how to hold the tools in their hands, guiding them, demonstrating. That was hard. If I could learn (note: I didn't use the term 'master') to make reeds, I can certainly persevere and learn how to knit. Katrina was right though--it's like asking your hands to do something they just don't know how to do yet.

For anyone looking for a last-minute gift idea for me, I would love "Knitting for Dummies". Then I don't have to wait until after I get back from Calgary to start my first ugly scarf! (Ugly for the likely amount of mistakes a beginner makes, not the beautiful wool!)

Blake and Katrina took off for Minneapolis this morning, and our friends Rachel and Kedron are coming over for Kitty-sitting 501 (101 is for beginners...they have a cat) before we go out for lunch. Eek! We need to finish packing. Only 25 minutes before they get here. We drive to Omaha today (thank you, snow storm, for not making it this far east), and from there we'll fly to Calgary (via Minneapolis...weird...we probably should've just driven there). Exciting! We'll be "home" tonight!

Stay tuned for the Christmas newsletter!

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