Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Git 'er done!

I'm in the midst of editing my lecture-document proposal. I want to get this to my committee before Thanksgiving (not that they'll be carving the turkey with one hand and holding my proposal in the other), then I need to edit a paper which is being turned into an article. Stress!

My mom is here for her first American Thanksgiving. We're heading over to friends-of-friends for a big family dinner. One of these years I will try my hand at cooking a turkey. I just passed up my chance at buying a Pampered Chef roasting pan at 60% off though, so it won't be anytime soon!

I just got in contact with one of the most respected oboists in the world, and I'll be speaking with him on the phone on Monday. I don't know why I'm nervous about this. I need to interview him for my lecture-document; hopefully I'll be able to fly to Baltimore for a lesson or two.

I hear our wedding video being played downstairs. We're transferring it over to DVD. My former teacher David Sussman played some selections for oboe and organ (with the church organist), so it's a wonderful first 20 minutes to the video. The rest of the movie is, you know, the best day of my life. :)

I'm waiting on a committee member before I can finish this proposal, so I may as well go downstairs and enjoy myself! Goodnight, and happy Thanksgiving!

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Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dave, and your mom! :) I'm in Seattle right now and it's good/a little strange to be "home." Am going to Eugene on Thursday. Looks like we almost just missed each other! Have a great weekend!