Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The dark and the light sides of things

My dark side: the anxiety rises. I leave for Eugene one week from today, and yet again, I don't feel ready for my test. Everyone reassures me, "you know your stuff!" "you'll be fine!" "you know more than you think you do!"...but I can't help but feel the overwhelming pressure that if I don't pass, I will not graduate in the spring. I don't think I would deal well with not passing. All this anxiety clouds my mind as I need to focus and keep studying. I need 1) calm and 2) a pill of some sort to give me A) calm and B) knowledge. (!!!!)

My light side: Dave is home and seems much more relaxed. Maybe some of it will rub off on me. He has also offered to do anything he can to help me. I don't know what he can do besides take over house stuff this week, but the offer was greatly appreciated!!

Another dark/light side:

Two funny (and too funny) views of instruments in the orchestra.

The first is the cynical view...most likely written by a tuba player. (Read and you will understand why.)

The second is a response to the first. A kinder reflection of life in the orchestra.

No, I don't wear berets. I like the bassoonists' description in both of them. What do you think, Karm? Quite the slam on flutists (the first one)...what do you think, Shauna? Mary?

Thanks, Patty, for putting this on your site.


Mary said...

flutists = divas? never. but we do sleep around :)

jill, i'll be thinking of you in the coming days, i have total faith that if anyone can do this, it's you! best of luck!


Shauna said...

Hmmmm, hard to tell whether a woodwind player is male of female?? Maybe I've just the good fortune to play in some good looking (both male and female!!) wind sections!!!

Personality as a form of birth control??? Again, good fortune....... Although since most players I know are exceedingly kind and wonderful maybe this could work out for me if someone would get knocked up and some jobs would open up!!!!